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Dear Patient,

We will no longer accept prescription requests via phone from 1st Nov 2021. Prescription can be ordered online or by coming into the surgery. The housebound and vulnerable patient coded on the system can use the dedicated phone line for order as before. Blister pack patients can order prescriptions via pharmacy. Due to COVID 19 - we had changed our policy to accept scripts on the phone, but from 1st Nov 2021 onward we will no longer accept script requests via phone. Thank you.


Request for repeat prescriptions must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Order your prescriptions well in advance for weekends and bank holidays.

How to order repeat prescription? 

Repeat prescriptions allow you to obtain further supplies of your regular medications.  The following procedures should be used to request medications that a GP has added to your repeat prescription list.  They should not be used to request a further issue of an acute (one-off) prescription.

Our repeat prescriptions are for 28 days.  The only exceptions to this are as follows:

  • There is a good clinical reason why the prescriptions should be less than 28 days, e.g. medication doses are being changed frequently or there is a patient compliance issue... 7 or 14 day prescriptions may be appropriate;
  • The patient is only prescribed one repeat medication per month & they are NOT exempt from the prescription charge... 56 day prescriptions may be more cost-effective than the pre-payment certificate charge;
  • Prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy & contraceptive pills, where the medications usually come in 84 day packs... 168 day prescriptions may be appropriate if the patient's monitoring is up to date;
  • A patient is going on holiday abroad... up to 84 days of medication may be prescribed, according to current NHS guidelines (our receptionists will arrange an appropriate number of prescriptions).

All patients who are prescribed repeat medications will be given a medication review date of 'the 28th day of their birth month'.  For patients on more than four repeat medications, please arrange an appointment at the surgery for a medication review in the month of your birthday.  For other patients, a GP may be able to review your medications without an appointment, as long as any critical monitoring of your medications is up to date.  If a medication review date has been exceeded, we may not be able to issue your repeat prescription.

How To Request a Repeat Prescription

You can request repeat prescriptions by completing the right hand side tick slip on your prescription and posting it into our letter box at reception)

We do not accept repeat prescription requests by telephone unless a patient is permanently housebound and recorded on our system. Furthermore, we no longer accept repeat prescription order made on your behalf by a pharmacy, unless a patient is receiving their medication in blister packs.

Repeat prescriptions take two complete working days to process.  However, there are a number of clinical issues that might delay a repeat prescription - for example:

  • A patient safety issue is identified;
  • A medication review is overdue;
  • A chronic disease review is overdue;
  • Any critical medication monitoring is not up to date;
  • A minimum time interval between prescriptions has been breached.

Having Your Prescriptions Sent Electronically to a Pharmacy

We would encourage all patients to sign up for the Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS) as this allows us to send your repeat prescriptions directly to a pharmacy... no more needing to attend the surgery to collect your prescription, take it to the pharmacy and wait in line for them to prepare it!

All medications can be sent by EPS.

Most local pharmacies now offer a home delivery service too, making it even easier for you to obtain your repeat medications.  So please sign up today by visiting your preferred pharmacy or asking our reception staff to set your EPS pharmacy nomination... it's that easy!

Requesting Your Prescriptions Online

We would encourage all encourage all patients using smart phone to download NHS APP or myGP or sign up for Patient Access Online Services or Evergreen Life as this allows you to request your repeat prescriptions more efficiently from the comfort of your own home... no more trying to find your tick slip or having to attend the surgery to complete our request form! 

To begin the registration process, please call the practice or visit us in person, and our receptionists will advise you of the next step to take.  You will need to provide proof of your identity so please bring along photographic ID and proof of your address.

Once we have supplied you with a registration letter you can return to the Patient Access Website to complete the registration process - just click register at the top right hand corner of the home page and follow the on screen instructions. 

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