The NHS’s contract with GPs is to provide certain medical services to NHS patients. Sometimes, our patients or their representatives ask us to perform additional work; e.g. taxi medical, holiday insurance form. This work is not part of NHS contract and hence individual GP's charge a fee to cover their  time & expenses. GPs are under no obligation to provide these services but  always try and accommodate whatever is possible. 

Summary of Charges 

  • Taxi medical including report = £50
  • HGV medical including report = £75

Following non NHS work is not provided by GP's in practice

  • Passport form verification 
  • Character references
  • Fitness for exercise, dieting, diving or dangerous sports reports
  • Missed school, exams, court appearance or probation reports
  • Recording injuries for police or insurance purposes
  • Testamentary capacity assessments
  • Shotgun certificates
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